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Why Study

Upon graduation students have the capacity to participate in what they want in life. Beyond this, SUIC is interconnected with Thailand’s network of best social innovators and business leaders. Even if students might be undecided as to what to currently do, there is little they could not accomplish with the human capital and resources found at SUIC.

SUIC believes that an academic programme should be specifically designed to give students the appropriate professional skills that are necessary to cope with the dynamic employment demands of modern society and thereby increasing students’ opportunities of success upon graduation.

Therefore, to create a very complete learning experience SUIC offers a wide range of courses, activities, teaching methods while promoting multi-cultural exchange between international/local teachers and international/local students.

As SUIC aims to integrate cultural responsibility and sustainable principles to each program, it is a training centre that enhances the student experience by integrating the theory of academic knowledge through two-degree programs (Double Degree) and learning through training. Moreover, it is a place to cultivate a network and exchange ideas, projects, and dreams.