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International Double Degree Programme

B.F.A. in Digital Communication Design

Digital Communication Design trains graduates in media theory and application to deliver innovative and creative solutions for today’s digital platforms and industries.

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Programme Duration

4 Years (optional fast track 3 years)


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Partner School

Birmingham City University​

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Programme Benefits
  • An international double degree in the fields of international business and technology from two prestigious institutions of higher education in their respective countries.
  • The programme emphasises developing the latest practical technological skills, business and entrepreneurial skills, and related theoretical knowledge in business and technology.
  • The integration of theory and practice in business administration and data science
  • Qualified graduates can professionally apply the latest skills in the fields of digital technology and business management for the local and overseas markets.
  • All students are required to study in France in the first semester of the 3rd year, which will lead to increased cultural sensitivity and cross-cultural awareness.
  • Study experiences will assist with the development of creativity and future career opportunities, including the use of data science to build core competencies for a successful business as an entrepreneur and remain competitive.
  • 1) To produce graduates who are able to produce artistic and graphical works for digital communication media.
  • 2) To produce graduates who can conduct creative research to deliver solutions for digital media.
  • 3) To produce graduates who are able to work for international and industrial design standards in educational, entrepreneurial, and business practices in Thailand or abroad.
  • 4) To produce graduates who are able to practice professionalism, ethical manners in art and design industries.
Programme Learning Outcomes (PLOs)
  • PLO1 Identify key knowledge in fine arts and other related fields, theories, and concepts, in relation to the social context wisdom and culture.
  • PLO2 Describe digital technology and software.
  • PLO3 Express professionalism, integrity, and ethical conduct.
  • PLO4 Transfer interpersonal skills, leadership, and responsibility with respect to different notions and ideas.
  • PLO5 Demonstrate a critical awareness of both historical and present-day trends in art and design productions.
  • PLO6 Implement soft skills (e.g. communication, flexibility, leadership, teamwork and time management) in creative and intelligence in art and design production.
  • PLO7 Demonstrate design skills in international level and industrial standards.
  • PLO8 Apply technological skills in the creation of fine arts and communication media.
  • PLO9 Contribute graphical works to the society and community based on volunteer spirit and public consciousness.
  • PLO10 Integrate educational, entrepreneur and business practices.
  • PLO11 Develop creative research ability, problem-solving skills and systematic art and design process.
  • PLO12 Create media in a multicultural landscape with a global citizenship mindset.
Who Is This Programme For?
  • Learners who seek advanced knowledge of business management and are interested in implementing modern technologies across a wide range of business operations.
  • People who aim to build visionary leadership competencies in the face of business and technological challenges, inspire others and help create successful solutions for a modern society.
  • Students who would like to develop the necessary intercultural skills for the 21st century, understand different perspectives, and apply paradigms of analytical and critical thinking to solve complex problems.
  • Individuals and entrepreneurs who are interested in exploring innovative and creative solutions for multidisciplinary businesses through the successful integration of technology.

What People Say About The Programme

This programme

is considered an ideal starting point for anybody interested in the visual design and media industry. These may include design; photography; illustration; multimedia; animation; video and sound production; television; publishing; the press and advertising.



A high school education level or equivalent from an accredited school/institution, or educational system: GED, NZQA, GCSE, IGCSE, GCE “A” or “AS” level and IB.


English proficiency with a minimum TOEFL score of 500 PBT, 143 CBT or 61 IBT or IELTS score of 5.5 or SAT (reading and writing) score of 450 within 2 years before the application or pass SUIC English proficiency test.

Study Plan

Year 1

Students take general education courses alongside a wide array of fundamental and basic courses in design and visual theory which will help students choose their respective routes next year

Year 2

In the first semester, students further investigate design and then review production skills before they choose their routes in the second semester.

Year 3

Students continue their education in their respective routes and focus on courses that place extra emphasis on application and program knowledge with higher technical skills.

Year 4

In the final year, students explore project development and place their attention on writing a dissertation before the second semester’s Major Project.


Web designer, Animator/ Illustrator, Art Director, Director & Video editor, Visual Effects Specialist, Character designer.

Campus Life at SUIC

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Application Details

Required Documents

please sign your name on every page

  • The application form can be downloaded at www.suic.su.ac.th (An applicant shall submit a completely filled-in and signed application form along with supporting documents)
  • A copy of High school transcript and diploma: M.6 or equivalent such as: GED, GCE (A level grade A*-E), IB Diploma, NZQA (Level 2 = 60 credits & Level 1 = 20 credits)
  • A copy of Applicant and Parents Identification Card (for Thai) / or Passport (for Foreigner)
  • A copy of Applicant and Parents House’s Registration (for Thai)
  • 2 (1” or 1.5” size) photos of facing-forward and no sunglasses
  • Digital Portfolio of 5-7 pieces of art work on CD or Flash Drive (For B.F.A. in DCD programme only)
  • A copy and original (will be returned after the university record) of an official English language test score not older than two years from the application date is acceptable as follows. The applicant may submit only one of the following test scores:·TOEFL (ITP = 543 / IBT = 72) / CBT = 193 OR IELTS (5.5) OR SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) 450 For HTM programme·TOEFL (ITP = 543 / IBT = 61) / CBT = 173 OR IELTS (5.5) OR SAT (Evidence-Based Reading and Writing) 450 For LBM & DCD programmes
  • The application fee 400 Baht: The applicant who applies by postal mail shall attach all required documents and a copy of bank deposit slip or a copy of money order mentioning the applicant’s name with the application form
Bank Account Information

Account Name: Silpakorn University International College

Account Number: 012-1-26477-3 (Swift Code: KASITHBK)

Bank Name: Kasikorn Bank

Branch: Bang Khun Non Branch